When should I contact my school for assistance?

We are here to assist with any questions you may have on the Transact portal. Now, there are a few things only your school's Student Accounts office can assist with.  

Here is a list of topics only your school can assist with:

  • Tuition Balances and Tuition Due Dates
    • The tuition balance shown on the Transact portal is provided and updated by each school. Incorrect balances and questions on tuition fees have to be addressed by the school.
    • Tuition due dates and tuition late fees are set and provided by each school. For tuition due date and late fee information, refer to your school's website or contact their Student Accounts office. 
  • Itemized Invoices and Receipts
    • Transaction receipts for payments made on the Transact portal can be found on the Transactions tab online. Payment summaries, itemized receipts, and tuition invoices can be requested from your school. 
  • Financial Aid , Scholarships, and Loans
    • Transact does not have access to Financial Aid information including, loans and scholarships. For assistance, contact your school's Financial Aid office. 
  • Collections
    • Information on an account sent to collections can be provided by the school's Accounts office.
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