How do I adjust my payment plan balance??

Please note depending on your school setup, to get to your Transact portal you may have to login to your school portal first. See example below:

Login to your portal login using your student id and password

Click on “Finances” tab or "payments" tab or you may see a "payment plans" tab just depends on the school. It should then route you to your Transact portal overview page.

Also depending on your school setup you may have the option to create your own Transact account by going directly to Transact portal URL. See example below:

Transact Portal URL

Some payment plans can be updated by the student or authorized user after enrollment.

To edit a payment plan you are already enrolled in:


  1. Now that you are logged into your Transact portal. Select Payment Plans on the left-side of the page & select the payment plan that needs adjusting.


  2. A side window will pop out from the right side of your screen & then you will click on edit amount.

    Note: Depending on the type of plan you will have the "edit amount option"


  3. Once you click on edit amount, then you will enter the amount you are adjusting your payment plan balance to. Then you will scroll down and click on update plan.


  4. Once you click on update plan, then you will receive your confirmation that your plan has been updated. Yay!


    Note: You can always view/print your payment plan agreement whenever you like by clicking on those three dots and selecting view agreement at the top right hand corner. 


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