Where do I log in & how do I enroll into a payment plan?

Please note depending on your school setup, to get to your Transact portal you may have to login to your school portal first. See example below:

Login to your my.school.edu portal login using your student id and password.

Click on “Finances” tab or "payments" tab or you may see a "payment plans" tab just depends on the school. It should then route you to your Transact portal overview page.

Also depending on your school setup, you may have the option to create your own Transact account by going directly to Transact portal URL. See example below:

Transact Portal URL https://commerce.cashnet.com/myschoolpay

You will click on create an account & go through the following prompts.


Note: Please make sure you enter your email address correctly when creating an account, as the email address cannot be changed. If everything is correct, then hit continue at the bottom right corner.


Now that you are logged into your Transact portal, here are the steps on how to enroll into a payment plan.

  1. You then will be directed to the overview landing page where you will then click on "View payment plan options", review and select the payment plan you want to enroll in.

    Note: Depending on your school, you will "view payment plan options"


  2. Type in the plan amount you are enrolling for. Some payment plans will have that information filled in already. If you are missing the plan amount or the balance filled in is incorrect, you will need to contact the school for assistance.

    Note: Payment due dates cannot be change. 


  3. Scroll down and click on enroll in Plan at the bottom right corner. 

    Note: There is an enrollment fee of $35 for enrolling into a payment plan & depending on the school it could vary. Enrollment fee that is non-refundable. 


  4. After clicking on enroll in plan you will then review your payment plan agreement.


  5. After reviewing your payment plan agreement, please scroll down to agree to the terms and conditions. Check the box that you agree, sign your name, and click continue at the bottom right corner.


    Note: You can always view/print your payment plan agreement whenever you like by clicking on those three dots and selecting view agreement at the top right hand corner. 



  6. How would you like to pay? Choose or enter payment method information
    How would you like to pay screenshot.png

  7. Review & confirm payment. Scroll down and hit pay on the bottom right hand corner.

    Confirm and check out screenshot.png

  8. Give it a few seconds for payment to process. A confirmation receipt will appear showing you have successfully enrolled into a payment plan & paid the enrollment fee.

    Enrolled into a plan complete screenshot.png


If you encounter an issue or have any questions, please contact student support via chat. We are available Monday- Friday 8am- 5:30 pm ET. 

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