How do I setup auto pay?


Please note depending on your school setup, to get to your Transact portal you may have to login to your school portal first. See example below:

Login to your portal login using your student id and password

Click on “Finances” tab or "payments" tab or you may see a "payment plans" tab just depends on the school. It should then route you to your Transact portal overview page.

Also depending on your school setup you may just need to go directly to the Transact portal URL and log in with the account you created when you enrolled into a payment plan See example below:

Transact Portal URL


To set up auto pay

  1. Once you are logged into your Transact portal, on the left side, select Payment Plans.


  2. Select set up autopay.


  3. Next step will be agreeing to the terms and conditions. Check the box & click continue at the bottom right corner.


  4. Choose what type of payment method you will be using.


  5. Agree to the terms & conditions by clicking the box and clicking on continue at the bottom right corner.


  6. Now let's make sure we have everything corrected. If so then click on complete on the bottom right corner.


  7. Success! Auto pay is now set up.


    NOTE: If you are receiving an error while enrolling in auto pay, it is most likely because the

    payment plan due date is a few days away. You would have to make the first payment manually and setup the auto payment plan afterwards. 

If you encounter an issue or have any questions, please contact student support via chat. We are available Monday- Friday 8am- 5:30 pm ET. 

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