How to make an international payment using Transact IFT?

1. On the left side of the page, select Make a Payment.


2. Check the item box(es) of the item(s) you want to pay for. Checkout and follow the steps to complete the payment.


3. Select international payment (IFT) & click on continue on the bottom right corner

Note: When making international payments using IFT option, You are not required to login to external site for making payment.



4. Select from the drop down box what country you are paying from.



5. You will proceed to provide the information requested based on the country you are paying from. Transact Payments will pre-fill any non-sensitive details already saved in the system to facilitate this process.




6. Read & confirm all the information you entered is correct, and hit continue on the bottom right corner.


7. Receipt confirmation will appear & then will need to click where it says view bank transfer instructions. 


8. Once you click on view bank transfer instructions, a pop up window from the right side will appear. Follow the instructions to complete bank transfer with TransferMate. 




If you have any questions please see click on our Transact IFT FAQ


If you encounter an issue or have any questions, please contact student support via chat. We are available Monday- Friday 8am- 5:30 pm ET. 

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